Al9t Family


Alnight Family

This is the non-denominational, interdenominational bi-weekly all Night services organised by Y.O.N. for its members and any other believer who wishes to fellowship. These services are power-packed as its themes cut across a wide range of Christian subjects and all Y.O.N. members are highly encouraged to attend.

 During such interdenominational services, our diversity produces a rich atmosphere for Word exposition, worship, deliverance, learning, interacting and impartation. These services have been a tremendous  blessing to YON members as it trains and equips them to be better functionaries to their individual churches… importing from the fellowship all the new training and exposure acquired and implementing in their own churches when need be.

Since September  2007, when Y.O.N. Begun, our All night services has been a channel of blessings  members  as well as the many others may be invited to come. We have been blessed with several testimonies and breakthroughs with most members receiving grace for studies both home and abroad (even up to the Phd level), grace for ministry, grace for marriage etc. Our meeting place is New Achimota. Contact Y-Outreach Network administration for details.