Your regular daily devotion called TODAY’S DEVOTION is written and produced by Y OUTREACH NETWORK, An interdenominational Christian Youth Ministry based in Accra, Ghana. We are 8years old this year and have been writing the devotions for 4years consistently without fail.

We are not a church and has not have mandate from God to be such. We simply reach out the lost and win them for Christ no matter where they are and also reach out to believers and encourage them to remain and grow in the faith.

This we do through school, hospital and prison and community visitations; retreats and revivals and the writing of daily messages both on social media and in print (today’s devotion). Other wings include the For Jesus Band (4Jband) and Zoe Magazine.

Most of the members who work in these wings do so full time making us require a lot of financial assistance and support. The burden of sustaining our work weighs on a few individuals who really understand our calling as unique and relevant for this end time.

We will appreciate if you have any support for us to enable us reach our lost world for Christ everyday with the unadulterated word of God.

You may forward your support either to:

Y-OUTREACH NETWORK Ghana Commercial Bank
Ac no: 1331010000834