The Y-Outreach Network (Y.O.N) is NOT a CHURCH BUT a non-denominational and inter-denominational Christian outreach group which is committed to seeing the lives of many changed and improved through the preaching of the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ as well as organizing sensitization campaigns on human development issues. We believe that Jesus comes soon and that the gospel must be preached for the salvation of all. It is registered under the laws of Ghana as a Christian N.G.O.


Aims and Objectives

  1. To create a common platform for young people in Christ to share fellowship and develop individual personality to be a champion for God.
  2. To provide opportunities via outreach programs to unearth and nurture godly gifting and promote a sense of godliness in character and in conduct to benefit society.
  3. To help young people to come to a personal faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and to provide opportunities for self development and growth.
  4. To deepen members understanding of the Christian faith and its application to personal, social, economical and relational life.
  5. To promote responsible membership to the mother churches and sensitize the young people to appreciate the Unity of the Universal Church.