Being In Tune; All Day, All Night

Today’s Devotion
Topic: Being In Tune; All Day, All Night
Text: Isaiah 26:9

My soul yearns for You in the night; in the morning my spirit longs for You. When Your judgement comes upon the earth, the people of the earth learn righteousness. Amen.

Every time is a good time to seek the Lord and to fellowship with the Holy Spirit. There is no other place so serene, blissful and assuring.

Most of us begin our day very well with the Lord. We worship, praise and pray with the family; and invite Him to lead us throughout the day. However, by mid-morning, we are almost forgetting the devotions and meditations we had in the morning. We also forget how we resolved to be God-conscious throughout the day.

Come see us then; talking anyhow, fighting anyhow, working anyhow, mishandling things, hating worse than unbelievers do, gossiping the longest, refusing the promptings of the Holy Spirit and doing everything like we are not the same persons who cried in the morning prayers that the Lord should guide us through the day.

By evening, we feel drained and tired; getting angry at the least provocation. We take dinner as fast as possible, spend the rest of time in fellowship with the TV and go to bed; forgetting to even thank God for the day as we promised during the morning devotion of that same day. Then, the cycle begins again and continues.

Beloved, Isaiah is teaching us this morning that our walk with the Lord must not be as disappointing as that. He says “My soul yearns for You in the night; in the morning my spirit longs for You.” Which means that day and night he meditates about the Lord, desiring more of Him in every way.

He warns that anytime the Lord demonstrates judgement in the earth, that is the only time the people of the world learn righteousness. It’s not supposed to be so. We must desire God and His righteousness every time; both day and night, and not only when He shakes the heavens and earth in judgement.

Meditate on this, Beloved, and begin to pray. Ask for grace to be Jesus-conscious and scripture-minded both day and night. Yearn for constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit throughout your life time.

He’s strength, protection, love, power, wisdom, knowledge, blessings and grace for each day; rolling through the night, unto the next. Don’t cut the flow, it doesn’t allow for growth.

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