Many “Haters”? Check Your Life, Trust In God!

Today’s Devotion
Topic: Many “Haters”? Check Your Life, Trust In God!
Text: Esther 3:5-6, Acts 23:12

5 When Haman saw that Mordecai would not kneel down or pay him honor, he was enraged.6 Yet having learned who Mordecai’s people were, he scorned the idea of killing only Mordecai. Instead Haman looked for a way to destroy all Mordecai’s people, the Jews, throughout the whole kingdom of Xerxes.
Act 23:12 The next morning the Jews formed a conspiracy and bound themselves with an oath not to eat or drink until they had killed Paul. Amen

Do you have enemies? This is a question most likely to put many in a dilemma. But the truth is, we are all likely to have enemies. Our Lord Jesus, wanting to drive home that fact actually taught us how to handle our enemies (Mat 5:44). He said we love and pray for them.

From the passages above, we gather 4 facts about enemies:

i. Some are sheer “haters”. Out of envy or jealousy they may allow the devil use them to complicate your life. They may not necessarily wish your doom but by their hate, they become a huge obstruction for those of us who love God.

ii. Enemies of God: These are those who seek to oppose God in every way possible. They have sold their conscience to the devil and can go every extend to oppose every good plan of God for your life. To the extreme, they may even kill.

iii. Enemies or “Haters” may be known. Just as Mordecai knew clearly that Haman was a die hard enemy of the Jews.

iv. Others are subtle (unknown) enemies: They plan many evil in your absence and set traps for your downfall; just as the Jews formed a conspiracy against Paul without his knowledge.

Where do our enemies come from? Simple! you see, sometimes, our negative attitude attracts enemies for us, other times it is the good we do. It is however still possible to attract”haters” without a cause.

“Haters” and enemies may grow so foul that nothing good we do for them is appreciated, they will question your involvement in situations you know nothing about, they testify falsely against you, they have no regard for God. Just as Haman, their hate may get totally extreme such that they may even seek your life.

Begin to pray now. Especially as we prepare to cross over to a new year. Ask God to bring your enemies to repentance (for those who are willing); but those who have purported to oppose the word of God in your life, will find soon find out they are contending with the Lord Jesus Himself. This is because the life we live is not us anymore but the Jesus who lives in us. Who is it that can contend with Him? He is the commander of the armies of Israel. When He arise, His enemies scatter! Halleluyah.

Their plot to destroy every blessing God has for your life next year shall not succeed in Jesus Name. Pray!

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