Today’s Devotion

Topic: “Cabul”

Text: 1 Kings 9:12 – 13
Then Hiram went from Tyre to see the cities which Solomon had given him, but they did not please him. So he said, “What kind of cities are these which you have given me, my brother?” And he called them the land of Cabul, as they are to this day. Amen
During Solomon’s reign as king, Hiram who happened to be David’s friend, supported him with most of the materials he needed to build the temple of God. 
At the end of twenty years, Solomon had put up two magnificent buildings: the temple of the LORD and the royal palace. King Solomon therefore gave twenty towns in Galilee to Hiram, king of Tyre, because Hiram had supplied him with all the cedar and juniper and gold he wanted. (1 Kings 9:10-11)
But when Hiram went from Tyre to see the towns that Solomon had given him, he was not pleased with them (1 Kings 9:12). Considering the size of cities, one would have thought that Hiram would be glad, but in discontent, he asked; “what kind of cities are these you have given me, my brother?” 
He named the cities ‘Cabul’, meaning worthless. The Bible however does not state why he was displeased.
When you know the value of help you give someone, usually, the appreciation is expected to match up. Anyone who seeks to appreciate another must consider two very important factors: the nature/ worth of the person to be appreciated, AND the value of the help received from them. When we fail in those two analysis, the appreciation we offer may be regarded as “CABUL”. 
So tell all of God’s children to gather around, especially those who have seen His goodness in this land of the living. Come! Let us discuss the kind of appreciation that will befit our King.
i. By nature or worth: God is the greatest and most worthy of glory. He’s the ALMIGHTY GOD; MAKER OF THE HEAVENS, THE EARTH, AND ALL THE POWERS THEREIN. 
ii. By Deed/ Works: we are living testimonies to the truth that God is good and does only that which is good. He has supplied all our needs and protected us on every side.
What must we render then to our king for all He’s done for us? We must offer our lives as  living sacrifices; holy and pleasing to God, for this is our reasonable act of worship. That is the greatest and most acceptable appreciation we can ever give to God; when we offer our entirety to Him.
Beloved, as we prepare for church service this morning, may the worship we bring be something of a worth that will bless God’s heart. We must never offer what does not honour the king; it may be regarded as “Cabul” and rejected. Begin to worship.
See you at church.
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