The Inspiration & Unity of Scripture!

Today’s Devotion

Topic: The Inspiration & Unity of Scripture!

Text: Psalm 17: 7

The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul. The testimonies of the Lord are sure, making wise the simple. Amen 

Different authors inspired by the Holy Ghost wrote the scriptures. They recorded events that just reveal a great God above, who from the begining of time had arranged all things to conform to His divine plan. Searching through the Word of God, we discover prophecies or events that are shadows of things to come. We also identify certain similarities that confirm the inspiration and unity of scripture.

Let us examine some of the amazing similarities between the life and ministry of Samuel the prophet and John the Baptist. 

The mothers of each of these great men had been barren and the birth of their sons was an answer to prayer (1 Sam 1: 5, Lk 1: 7). The father of Samuel was a levite; the father of John was a priest. Samuel and John were both Nazarites from birth and had been dedicated to the service of the  Lord before they were born. Samuel’s mother and John’s father prayed, praised and prophesied after their children’s birth (1 Sam 2:1- 10, Lk 1: 67- 80).

According to Acts 2: 34, the prophetic office begun with Samuel and ended with John the Baptist (Mt 11:11). Scripture also draws attention to the unique clothing with which they were girded at the onset of their ministries (1 Sam 2: 18- 19, Mk 1:6).

Another obvious similarity between these two great men is that they were both forerunners of the” King of Israel”. Samuel anointed David with a horn of oil, having been divinely instructed that “this is he” (1 Sam 16: 12-13) and the Spirit of God came upon David from that day onwards. John baptized the Lord Jesus in the Jordan. He also received divine instruction from God “this is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased”. And the Spirit of the Lord descended on Christ like a dove.

We again find a striking correlation in the events following their death. After the death of Samuel, David went down to the wilderness with his band of followers (1 Sam 25: 1). Upon hearing of the death of John, the Lord Jesus went into the desert with His disciples (Mat 14: 10, 13). Both occasions required a time of solitude and reflection, for a great prophet of the Lord had died. How wonderful is the divine inspiration and unity of scripture!

Just meditate on all the above and know that your own life is not one isolated piece that God is unsure about. You are perfectly knitted in His “thoughts of good, and not evil. To bring you to an expected end and give you hope”. Begin to pray now even as we begin a new working week. Commit everything to God in prayer and know that He has you in mind all the time regardless the circumstances surrounding you. You’re special to Him. 

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