Discovering Your Purpose!

Today’s Devotion

Topic : Discovering Your Purpose!

Text : 1 Sam 9: 3, 24

3 Now the donkeys belonging to Saul’s father Kish were lost, and Kish said to his son Saul, “Take one of the servants with you and go and look for the donkeys.” 24 So the cook took up the leg with what was on it and set it in front of Saul. Samuel said, “Here is what has been kept for you. Eat, because it was set aside for you for this occasion, from the time I said, ‘I have invited guests.'” And Saul dined with Samuel that day. Amen

What man desires and prays for may sometimes differ from what God intends for His children. He knows we have the tendency to make plans without consulting His will for us so He allows certain situations (natural or divine) to usher us into His PERFECT PLAN for us.

From our text above, young man Saul was sent to look for a lost donkey but finally meets the purpose of God for his life-to be the first king of the great nation Isreal.

The assignment he was given by his father (to look for a lost ass) was not a noble one,  it never indicated “greatness” too, but when Saul obeyed, He discovered God’s ultimate plan for His life.

Pray now! As we begin a new working week, let us ask the Lord to help us identify His plan and purpose for our lives through the situations He guides us into. So that we avoid wasting our precious lives on misplaced ambitions and aspirations.

In a world where all things are in a hurry but without a purpose, may God Himself minister His purpose for your life to you and give you the grace to achieve it in Jesus name.

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